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Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Jingle Bangle History

Ever heard the term bangle (in the context of fashion)? Yes! It is a wrist accessory that is not form of series of chain or beads. Bangle (derived from Hindi bungri (glass)) is the kind of solid circle (aren't like bracelet that is flexible) with many types of material, thickness, and color, the must-wear accessory to complete the cocktail dress according to Jojo's Fashion Show 3 game. According to its native India, bangle is an accessory they divide to two types called Kangan and Chudi. 

Kangan is a thick size bangle which is generally made of gold or silver, and worn as a piece. (It surely gets along with boho style). While Chudi is a thin size bangle that can be made from gold, silver, glass, ceramics, ivory, plastic, or oxidized metal, and worn as a group. In India, Chudi worn as a symbol for newly married women. The Chudi type used by the new bride is generally made of gold or red glass. They were not allowed to take off their Chudi in any condition, even when they're sleeping. It says that Indian women tries to wear as much as glass Chudi they can on their wedding, because honeymoon will end when the last Chudi brakes. Since its meaning is so important, Chudi selected as one of traditional jewelry of India. Ain't that awesome? Here's a little information for you, in my country, you can get a set of oxidized metal Chudi for only USD $5,- since so many Hindis here. Even my grandfather's father is a Pakistan. Hahaha!! (LOL-na nu) Glad to be a quarter Hindis!


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